terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

GREENPEACE - Why risk this beautiful place for coal?

News from Greenpeace Austrália:

Why risk this beautiful place for coal?
Feature Story - 25 June, 2013

Until the coal industry moved in, Abbot Point was just another stunning beach in far north Queensland. But the wetlands behind Abbot Point were always something special.
The traditional owners of Abbot Point have lived here for many thousands of years. But change is on its way.
Coal companies think Abbot Point would make a better shipping port than beach. Today, industrialisation is digging deep into this beautiful country.
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What is now a single terminal could become massive over the next decade. Right now, four new terminals in the planning stage.
And to make that kind of expansion possible, coal companies have applied for permission to dredge Abbot point – that is rip up the seabed and dump the sediment (known as "dredge spoil") in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park off Holbourne Island National Park.
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