segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013

WWF - Seize Your Power

News from WWF Global:

Seize Your Power
Do you care about a clean, healthy future for the people and the planet?

Join us as we campaign to make renewable energy the new normal.
If the world can find a sustainable solution to our energy demands, and lose the coal, oil and gas addiction, we will solve the biggest problem of our time. This can be achieved through collective action and sound investment decisions.

It’s an ambitious ask and we can’t do it alone or in a single year! But, this year we pledge our commitment to increase the use of renewable energy by asking our financial institutions and governments to invest more money in a renewable energy future.

We need a sustainable future. Switching to renewable energy isn’t just the best choice. It’s our only option as we move on the trajectory of dangerous climate change.

Renewable energy technologies are already cost-effective, and provide affordable alternatives around the world, produced in ways that can be sustained by the global economy and the planet.

A transition to renewable energy is even more viable now than it was five years ago. Investments in renewables are increasing; solar is competing with fossil fuels in parts of India and new wind power is cheaper than coal in Australia. Cities around the world are beginning to commit to 100% renewable energy.

The only way to secure a future powered by clean and sustainable energy (by wind, water and the sun) is to ensure more investments. Now.

Seize Your Power will contribute to a decisive shift in energy financing towards renewable energy. It will create public support and political space to make renewable energy the new normal.